Quarantine must-watch: Emily in Paris

I don’t know how you feel, but in the last couple of months, Netflix has become a vital lifeline for me to get through the Covid-drama and all the restrictions and quarantines that come with it. How better to escape the realities of life than by watching a cute comedy?

Made by Darren Star, creator of the iconic Sex and the City series, and produced by MTV studios, this rom com has it all: A picturesque backdrop, great locations (Paris!!!), stylish costumes, fashionable hats and a very attractive cast.

Stereotypes? Oh, come on!

Stereotypes, you say? Alright, the French critics haven’t been all too amused by the way the French and their lifestyle have been portrayed here: The Frenchmen Emily encounters seem to fall into two categories: They are either rude assholes or entirely lecherous. Everyone’s basically drinking wine all the time, no one takes work all too seriously (“we work to live” – a motto I can totally get behind!) and there’s a lot of casual sex. And you know what? I see nothing wrong with that.

After all, “Emily in Paris” is meant to be entertaining, funny and light – not to be taken too seriously.

Why to watch in a nutshell

Watch it for escapism, for giggles and the beautiful scenery. It will definitely make you long to visit Paris again. The tour d’Eiffel in the glistering morning light, the gorgeous backdrop of Montmartre by night, and croissants. Can this Pandemic be over already?

All photos ©Netflix